Louise Radinger

Akerman & Perec: the creative potential of formal constraints

7 mins ∙ 2022 A short video essay exploring links between Chantal Akerman and Georges Perec. Presented at the Screen Studies Conference, July 2022.

A Woman’s Place: Home in Cinema

18 mins ∙ 2019 An audiovisual collage exploring how women dwell in cinema created as part of my PhD research practice. The film was made with found footage drawn from ten films made between 1936 and 2013, each of which feature a woman in a home at the core of the narrative. This video is the three-channel online version of a work originally screened as a three-screen installation in the Bulmershe Theatre in the Department of Film, Theatre and Television at the University of Reading. It was then screened in January 2020 at the Tate Modern as part of Tate Exchange. It is now published by [in]Transition, an online journal dedicated to the videographic exploration of film.

I, Sorry

12 mins ∙ 2005 A short film about a woman’s fraught relationship with her cleaner. Script by David Schneider and featuring Sandy McDade. Winner of the Cecil Hepworth Trophy for Best Short Drama at the End of the Pier International Film Festival in 2005.

The Gingerbread House

25 mins ∙ 1994 A dark modern fairy tale about an architect haunted by his past who builds a real gingerbread house for his children. Winner of the « Prix de la Ville de Grenoble » in the European Short Film Festival. Screened at the London Short Film Festival and on LWT where it was reviewed by Mike Leigh. Graduation film from the Film Diploma course at the University of Bristol Drama department.